How Can We Help?

Clean Com Labour Hire is a specialist division of Clean Com that focuses specifically on delivering quality workers for our partners in the construction industry.

Clean Com has genuine industry knowledge and provides Labour Hire with a commitment to delivering you experienced, flexible, and safe workers.

Absenteeism and poor staff retention can have a dramatic impact on the levels of productivity on your construction site. Finding and recruiting quality staff can be a time consuming effort and can distract focus from th
e daily operations on site.

Clean Com’s service removes the pressure, time, stress and cost of finding & recruiting the right people at the right time.

Our Promise to You

Clean Com provides you with open and flexible access to a pool of trained, experienced employees whenever and wherever you need them. Clean Com is different to other labour hire companies in that our staff are full-time employees who have a commitment and loyalty to the company. This means we can guarantee the utmost reliability and accountability for your labour needs.

Every client is different, therefore we will work with you to plan your labour requirements and find the staff you need to run a successful project.

To find out how Clean Com can tailor a staffing solution to meet your requirements please contact Clean Com on 02 9518 8818.