Is Airborne Contamination a Potential Hazard in Your Facility? 

Server failure or malfunction as a result of contamination is a risk that must be managed carefully within a critical environment. The concentrations of airborne molecular contaminants must be controlled in order to eliminate this risk. 

With ISO14644 now considered the industry standard in computer room cleaning, air-
quality testing has become the gauge to verify whether the standards have been met. Proof of compliance with these standards is important to prospective clients as it underlines the dedication to safety in your critical facility. 

Working with You to Improve Air-Quality

Air-quality can fluctuate depending on human traffic, works taking place, and efficiency of CRAC units. The results of regular air-quality testing can reveal the optimal time to schedule a maintenance clean in your critical environment, and can also help you detect defective CRAC units when contaminants are higher than normal. 

Clean Com give you a reading at numerous points depending on the size of the room. This will count the concentrations of particles of three sizes, ranging from 0.5 to 5.0 microns throughout the environment. When the air-quality test has been completed you will receive a report which details the results of the test. 

This information can help you understand how to improve air-quality in your data hall and help you establish the sources of contamination. We will also supply a certificate which verifies whether your computer room is compliant with ISO14644-8 standards, and make specific recommendations on how standards can be upheld in your controlled environment.

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