Access floors accommodate services such as water, power and data cables, and can also be used as an air distribution pathway. Easy access to such services allows a company to react to problems and changes in their business as they arise.

Dangers for an Access Floor

Work performed in the construction stage can lead to an unsanitary environment in the sub-floor causing a range of problems that can compromise the effectiveness of access floors. Unhygienic conditions beneath the floor can attract vermin and insects that can damage cables and potentially deter prospective tenants. Dust can also trigger smoke detectors resulting in false alarms that can disrupt the productivity of a business.

Benefits of Clean Com's Service
A clean sub-floor provides a more comfortable and productive environment in which to perform maintenance work. To ensure the advantages of access floors can be utilised, it is beneficial to attain a high level of cleanliness before the facility is fully operational. With live cables and equipment contained in the sub-floor, Clean Com provide experienced technicians who are trained to use the safest procedures and most effective techniques for working with access floors. To ensure a detailed job, Clean Com remove dust from all areas of the sub-floor including cable-trays, pipes, cabling, pedestals and the underside of tiles using specialist vacuums, cloths and brushes. This guarantees clean access and optimises the usefulness, and sustainability of the underfloor space.


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