Clean Com supply a selected collection of sticky mats that have been specifically chosen to suit computer rooms and associated controlled environments.

Sticky mats are designed to collect up to 99.9% of contaminant particles from the soles of your shoes.

Where to use a sticky mat

Computer Rooms - To help you reduce the number of airborne contaminants in your computer room, place a sticky mat at the entrance of your computer room.

Laboratories - Sticky mats not only keep the dirt off your shoes, they also keep the dirt off trolley wheels.

Manufacturing Offices - Stop the manufacturing dirt from entering the office environment.

Print Rooms - Sticky mats are used to stop toner and grease that usually builds up on print room floors from spreading outside the room.


Film material: low density polyethylene
Adhesive material: water-based acrylic
Film thickness: 45µm - 50µm
Adhesive thickness: 8µm
Tensile strength: >1.2kg/cm
Layer / mat: 60
Tackiness: moderate
Numbered: descending corner numbers with pull up tabs
Size: small / large
Colour: blue

How to use a sticky mat

Sticky mats are placed at the entrance of rooms, and are designed to minimise contaminants entering a controlled environment.

Sticky mats are placed in a position that requires the person to take at least 2 steps on the mat.

It is recommended to place the sticky mat long ways to the door to allow for maximum steps and to provide an adequate runway for trolleys in order to clean contaminants off the wheels.

A sticky mat page should be removed on every routine maintenance floor clean. See the computer room maintenance guide to get a calculation on how often you should be replacing your sticky mat.