Sub Floor Cleaning

Many computer rooms rely on the plenum beneath the floor tiles as an essential part of successful operation. This provides space to run cables, and houses the air-flow cooling system. This system is crucial in preventing equipment from overheating and malfunctioning. However, if the sub-floor is not properly cleaned, this constant air-flow can spread contaminants and debris which can potentially short circuit server components and power supplies compromising the benefits of your cooling system.

Our service focuses on all areas in the sub-floor including beneath cable trays, pipes and cabinets in order to eliminate airborne contaminants to 0.3 microns. Stringers and the underside of tiles are also targeted to minimise the risk of dust entering the plenum as a result of above floor activity. Clean Com employees are all trained in our proven and effective sub-floor cleaning methods designed to achieve excellent results with minimal disruption to the air-flow. We also provide supervision, barriers, signage and OH&S equipment to protect workers and others in the vicinity of the works. Our service is designed to remove the risk of contamination in your controlled environment and minimise the possibility of costly downtime. 

Floor Cleaning

The tiles in data halls are specially chosen to provide strength, fire resistance and an anti-static surface. Without regular maintenance the surface of a computer room floor can be adversely affected by contaminants from human traffic, and the installation of new equipment. Visually unclean floors can also act as a deterrent for prospective tenants and floor contamination can pose a serious threat to servers and critical environments. Unless approved products and cleaning techniques are used, the cleaning process could in effect hinder the floor’s ability to dissipate static, which may interfere with access cards and electronic equipment.

Following a thorough visual inspection of the floor, our operations manager will communicate the cleaning process to you, to ensure isolations and other necessary safety precautions are implemented. To safeguard your equipment, it is vital that only industry approved equipment and products are used during the cleaning process. Our specialist cleaning equipment and methods underline our commitment to ensuring your service is compliant with ISO14644 standards. Clean Com’s employees are obliged to undertake training programs which prepare them to determine the safest and most appropriate products to use in a controlled environment. The result is a detailed floor clean undertaken by skilled and experienced technicians in a safe and effective manner. 

Cabinet and Equipment Cleaning

The airflow in computer rooms can spread contaminants that can be harmful to equipment. Even in a controlled environment surfaces are still susceptible to the accumulation of dust and debris.

To prevent your servers and equipment being affected by this threat, Clean Com can perform detailed maintenance cleans to suit your requirements and schedule. We use an anti-static solution and non-conductive equipment to remove contaminants from cabinets, server units and all other accessible surfaces.

As a result of training and experience working in computer rooms, our technicians practice the most effective methods for cleaning without disturbing equipment or its operation.

High Level Cleaning

Dust and contaminants in high level areas of a controlled environment can pose a serious threat to critical equipment. With work and maintenance taking place in the data hall, this dust can be disturbed and fall or be blown into equipment causing malfunctions or disruptions. 
Clean Com's use of HEPA filtered equipment and anti-static solutions to remove dust from all high areas, reduces the risk of equipment being contaminated and also helps to improve the air quality within your computer room.  

Our experience allows us to assure our clients that the standard of service we provide will impress your prospective tenants and satisfy existing ones.