24/7 All Year Round

Emergencies within mission critical environments can cause costly unplanned downtime.

Clean Com's national emergency service team operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to cover all your after disaster cleaning.

All Levels of Emergency

Clean Com has grouped emergency cleans in to 3 categories, all of which are treated with extreme care and promptness.

  • Priority 1 Emergency Clean:
    This is our most important call out situation and would include emergencies like someone throwing up in a computer room, a leaking sub floor pipe, a water spill, a flood, or an overheating server due to dust contamination.
  • Priority 2 Emergency Clean: This emergency clean is for situations where you have discovered zinc whiskers in your computer room sub floor, or oxidation on the underside of your computer room floor tiles, or metal burrs on your cable trays. All of which can dislodge and cause intermittent interference, short circuits or complete component failure.
  • Priority 3 Emergency Clean: Is our third level of emergency. This situation could include a case where you have had a fire in your office and smoke has travelled through the air vents and air conditioning ducts into areas, such as your computer room, and soot has settled on or in your electronic equipment, servers, computers, etc. or you have arranged construction or building works in your office but have failed to cover your servers, computers or electronic equipment.
The Right Equipment, The Right Know-How

Whatever the level of emergency, Clean Com will send out a trained technician to identify the fastest and most appropriate response for the incident, and are always equipped and ready to start recovery, working around the clock if necessary. Clean Com's focus is on your business continuity.                          

In case of a site emergency, call one of our 24/7 Management Team. They will assess the situation, and organise the right technician without delay.

Operations Management
Mobile: 0414 923 436

General Management
Mobile: 0414 830 659

For more information regarding our 24 hour emergency service,
Contact Clean Com on 02 9518 8818.